Botulinum Toxin A Master Class

0.0 hours £950.00 0 students


Dr Massimo Signorini

Dr S Samizadeh






  1. Anatomy, physiology
  2. The ageing process
  3. Facial assessment & Diagnosis
  4. Treatment planning
  5. Product selection
  6. Reconstitution
  7. Pearls for success
  8. Microbotox
  9. Botulinum Toxin A and the Skin
  10. Complications Prevention & management
  11. Post-operative care & instructions




  • Course booklet
  • Information on setting up your aesthetic business
  • Information on indemnity
  • Templates for: prescription, medical history form, consent form
  • Aesthetics Portfolio


Below is a list of competencies which the academy trainer/supervisor will assess you against on your training course:

  • History taking: Medical, Social, Aesthetics/Cosmetic
  • Facial assessment
  • Examination, diagnosis
  • Treatment options, advantages & disadvantages
  • Informed consent: Verbal & written
  • Photography & record keeping
  • Preoperative preparation
  • Analgesics: recommendation & delivery
  • Understand & demonstrate cross-infection measures
  • Understand & demonstrate aseptic technique
  • Demonstration of safe delivery of proposed procedure
  • Post-treatment management
  • Communication skills & professionalism
  • Ability to perform the procedure in a competent manner

Your expert trainer and supervisor on each training day will demonstrate and work with you to acquire and meet the required standard for the competencies. In case the trainee healthcare professional do not meet one or more of the competencies,  lacks confidence in delivering the procedure or lacks technical ability, they will be asked to repeat their training day (additional costs apply).

On successful completion of the training day and competencies, a training certificate from the Great British Academy of Aesthetic Medicine will be issued.

Further training

Bespoke session to treat 10+ patients under supervision is recommended.

Candidates of this course are invited to join the Great British Academy of Aesthetic Medicine’s growing support network to share knowledge, experiences, and meet like-minded colleagues.