Bespoke Session

1 Day £1,950.00 0 students

Bespoke sessions are designed to

  1. Provide the knowledge and confidence to start or enhance your practice
  2. Train you to provide safe botulinum toxin A injections
  3. Explain and discuss the basics about botulinum toxin A injections
  4. Practice facial assessment
  5. Clinical photography
  6. Practice treatment planning
  7. Practice provision of botulinum toxin A injections for different areas of the face
  8. Provide you with complications prevention strategies
  9. Train you in recognising the complications should they occur
  10. Enable you by having protocols at hand to manage complications

Candidates of this course are invited to join the Great British Academy of Aesthetic Medicine’s growing support network to share knowledge, experiences, and consult like minded colleagues.


The course relies on basic knowledge of anatomy and injection zones, techniques and products. As such, the course is exclusive to healthcare professionals whom have attended any prior training.

  • GDC, GMC, RN

Course material

You will be provided with your own copy of,

  1. Course booklet, including all material taught during the day
  2. Consensus recommendations on complications of dermal fillers